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Cowardly Old World by soronius Cowardly Old World by soronius
My best one yet, in my opinion. :) (Smile)

Half the credit here goes to Jeff ([link]) for the pose and location.
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zeloco Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2005  Professional General Artist
dude, I love this one...
Somehow reminds of some school-time dork/loser (so like me).
Love it!
pix3lphr3ak Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2004   Digital Artist
reminds me of the movie vanilla sky for some reason
blueskull Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2003
love it.. wonder if it was candid or setup?!
eLove Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2003  Professional Artist
Not sure if this is your best one,
but it's up there.
You're going on my devwatch.
freedomfries Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2003
I dunno why i love this but this picture is great,
great scene for a movie in my opinion.
excellent work. the expression and the retro hat.

gotta get me a hat like that.
ruhig Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2003   Photographer
I have enjoyed this whole series. The expression of the character in this picture seems like a mix of nervousness, paranoia and fear. The placement of the bowler hat is ...puzzling. To me at least. The thing that really freaks me out though, is just how much your model looks like a guy I once had a thing for...the resemblence is amazing!
0wow0 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2003
+fav,such an emotion in this pic.
i love all your symbolic work,i think you loose your time with design and architecture,this is a good work but it doesn t have the strengh that you can put in the rest.
red5 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2003
There seems to be so many things going on at once that it's priceless.
It's like it's taken from a much bigger scene from a film.
despondentsoul Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2003
I love this shot. See I have this like crazy anxiety disorder type thing...probably social anxiety or some shit like that, so anyway this just like calls out to me in that way.

That look in his eye...and the he's about to do something. He looks anxious. Anyway you captured a great shot.
nain Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2002
That's a +fav
Amazing shot!
ivory Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2002   Traditional Artist
I love this. He is cool. +fav
sticks Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2002   Writer
love it.
alone, tired, and yet wary.
simply smashing! *sips tea*
lathe Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2002
i really like it. it conveys that he's afraid of something, because he holds his suitcase so close to him, yet he's relaxed enough to lay his hat beside him....

that line is used in the book "brave new world." a very creepy read, but it has some fantastic social commentary.
madtax Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2002   Photographer
this is very good, its the hat... With out the hat this would not be he same pic! wow
taint3d0ne Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2002
forgot to mention I like this one too...
vannova Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2002
Great scene.. charismatic model, good pose and mimic art. It seems the shot is in a certain ballence even when the model isnt sitting in the center. The hat is an important detail... it completes the scene in my opinion.
Definitely a great shot.. I like it alot!
sin-drome Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2002  Professional Digital Artist
i think he has drugs and hes waiting for the deal to go down.....coo work
tharglet Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2002  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yup - he looks nervous to me. Definately looks better in B+W rather than color. I like that photo as it has emotion in it.
chandrakanta Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2002  Hobbyist Photographer
Somehow this reminds me of a Johnny Depp movie. Go figure.. The hat is a nice detail Thumbs Up
soulcutbody Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2002   Writer
Interesting.... Maybe he's paranoid, suspicious, guilty, late, forgotten. depends on how you look at it...
neurolepsia Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2002  Hobbyist General Artist
Kick ass.
Thumbs Up
He looks like he as a persecution complex, somewhat...
Zlatty Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2002  Professional Photographer
Wow this is a really good capture ... hehe ... he seems paranoid ... very paranoid ... or perhaps pondering about something really hard ... anyway whatever he seems to be doing you have captured it well ... nice work!
ritzcrackaa Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2002  Professional Photographer
this shot is very well done imo, i can see why you consider it your best. the look on his face mixed with the protective hold he has on his briefcase and his legs being totally together compliment each other wonderfully. the color (or lack there of) fits the clothing perfectly, and the shot is framed very nicely. the hat on the bench is also a nice touch. definitely seems like a very well thought out shot :) (Smile)
c-styles Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2002
That's a nice shot! The expression, posture, even the clothes and the brief case all add to the effect.
funeralfaerie Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2002   Photographer
What wonders must be floating around in this poor man's mind. What on earth gives him that stature that he holds now? Betrayal, perhaps ... loss of something? Nevertheless, this is a wonderful shot...
brainopeneyesshut Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2002
love it!
brilliance Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2002
I think this is very origional. I think it's a great expression and a very nice capture. Good shot.
sensail337 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2002
lol! please don't tell me you just saw some guy like this! he looks so... Evil Eye ish. well captured.
crazychic Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2002
he looks someone forgot him
moira-chan Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2002   Photographer
great shot :) (Smile)
sampratot Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2002
it is cool....
phili Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2002
Nice work

Good combination with the had and the person
Make me think at: Forest Gump

:) (Smile)
markokabra Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2002
Very mysterious, he looks like he's up to no good. Great shot!
kelpie Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2002
this is brilliant! i love the way his hands are almost clutching at his briefcase as if he were worried someone was goint to steal it :P (Lick) and such a suspicious look in his eyes! also the hat on his left, that's just such an interesting place to put it! brilliant! (oh god, said that twice =P (Razz) )
cecilmk Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2002
nice, kinda looks like he's sitting over an edge contemplating jumping off
wizzo Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2002
Intersting shot. He seems very curious about something, but I can't figure out what. Nice execution.
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